Upon booking, the birthday child will receive a personalized letter from the pony coming to their party, including details about their life and a keepsake picture!

As a child I loved receiving letters in the mail and I thought children haven't changed all that much and would enjoy "snail mail." Often I am told that the child keeps the picture of the pony on the refrigerator, night stand, or even sleeps with the picture! Our letters are age appropriate, personalized and as we do many first year birthday parties, they are a memorable keepsake for Baby's First Year books.


Brightie is a sweet, gentle mare and one of our largest pony at 13 hands, weighing 750 lbs. She has been a valued member of our herd for thirteen years. Brightie has an incredibly thick, long black mane and tail and a very dark bay coat. Brightie gets along famously with every horse on the farm, being everyone’s friend. Brightie prefers to stay outside all day and night, all year long, but of course, she has a run-in shed and a snuggly warm winter blanket. Brightie loves her hay and can eat as much as any big horse on the farm. Brightie is getting up there in years and for the new season, 2012, I finally found a replacement pony to ease her work schedule a bit. So Brightie is in semi-retirement, but can still lend a helping hoof when needed.




Teacup is an adorable Appaloosa pony. The Appaloosa is a truly American horse, bred by the Nez Perce indian tribe in the Idaho region. They are often spotted with striped hooves, freckles on their lips, white around their eyes, and unfortunately, skimpy manes and tails. Luckily Teacup has a full tail which is vital for swatting flies in the summer. He has a few spots but is more roan, meaning he has white flecks throughout his ctext txtxoat. Although his mane never seems to grow in length, it is nice and thick. He has been on a regimen of hair and coat vitamins this winter so hopefully we will see some growth to his mane by the beginning of the season. He is a small pony, 10 hands high, and about 17 years old. Teacup shares a large stall with his best friend, Robbie and together they "burn a lot of hay". He is sweet, gentle and a very hard worker. He enjoys eating, hanging out with Robbie, and hot summer nights spent outside. He is a wonderful little guy, very calm and friendly.




Robbie is Teacup's best friend, or should I say, partner in crime. He is only 10 hands high, just like Teacup, but don’t tell Robbie because as far as he is concerned he is the boss of the corral. He is a 13 year old, Chocolate Palomino and is full of mischief. He led many of the ponies, but usually just Teacup, out of the fencing into the neighbors’ yards all too often this past year. Robbie also likes to lend a helping hoof when we are out fixing the fencing by grabbing the bag of nails, or the hammer, and running away across the corral spilling nails the entire time. But Robbie understands the difference between work and play and is well-behaved at parties. As mentioned earlier, he is a Chocolate Palomino, which means instead of being a Palomino with a golden-colored coat, white mane, tail, and socks, he is brown with a white mane, tail and socks. He is quite the show stopper and is a perfect size for the younger riders.


Missy is a beautiful young pony in training for pony parties or greater things…….who knows! Sweet, gentle, elegant and friendly describe this chestnut mare with her long flaxen mane and tail. She may come to a few parties this year just to watch from the trailer and to be admired and pet. Missy was saved from a barn fire and then the auction block at the last minute. All the horses and the human family love this gentle soul, our “gift from heaven." To update Missy's progress, she has been doing natural horsemanship for a couple of years. Although she is broken and rideable, I prefer to use older ponies at the parties. This is just a safety concern--the older guys have seen it all, including everything a two year old can throw their way! But Missy has to start earning her keep eventually, so she may just venture out a time or two to see a party in action.


Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear is new to our herd in the early Spring, 2015.  I didn't need another pony but got a call from a friend who was closing up shop and had this sweet pony that needed a good home. One look at his "painted" coat and his nice disposition and he was on my trailer headed home.  Teddy Bear is about 16 years old and enjoys giving rides to children. He is faster and bumpier than Apples or Teacup, but some children like to get a bumpy ride, so he is their perfect mount. Teddy Bear came from a large farm where he was accustomed to leisurely grazing in the pastures, a favorite pastime of ponies. So he will let me know when he has finished his breakfast of hay and grain by hanging on his stall door as if to say, o.k. now its time for my third course, grass.  Teddy Bear a shetland pony which means he is short, stocky and gets real hairy in the winter.  He can handle children from babies up to about 80 pounds. He is a good boy, soft, sweet, and patient.     


Apples joined the pony party herd late last season, 2011, but he came with a resume! He is a veteran at pony parties after working for years at a friends' petting zoo/pony ride operation. Because of his gentle nature and agreeability, he was also the first choice for beginner trail rides. Apples is a calm, now 16 year old, chestnut gelding. Chestnut describes his coloring: red mane, tail and matching coat color. Apples is a large pony, measuring 14 hand high, so he can accommodate larger riders up to about 120 pounds but is perfectly safe for the toddlers too. Apples enjoys his pasture time and insists on going out everyday, no matter how bad the weather. That is no problem though, as Apples comes running when I call his name. This makes him a very easy pony to manage--unlike his stable mates, Robbie and Teacup, who would rather engage me in a game of chase than come inside. Apples also has to be the first pony to come inside at night, as he is scared to be alone in the dark! Apples is a wonderful, friendly, safe, and handsome boy, sure to delight any little buck-a-roo!